It was all born in 2017, when two Agricultural Engineers were amazed after drinking for a few months the juice squeezed from Aloe Vera from the plants in their garden.

They knew it gave them vitality and energy, but they didn’t know why or what additional benefits it had. So they began to study the plant in the laboratory.

What did they find? All kinds of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and the potent immune system stimulant aloverose. They also checked the effects on the digestive system, as Aloe Vera reduces heartburn and is used in the treatment of Crohn’s disease, hiatus hernias and chronic heartburn.

It became one more food in their daily life, and they began to make their own juices and distribute them among their friends. It was so successful that they decided to go further, and to do so they sought out the best professionals in the food world and created a team made up of an expert in food quality, a biologist and a farmer with more than 40 years of experience in Mediterranean crops.

The objective? To bring the benefits of Aloe Vera to every home.

They planted Aloe Vera in an ecological and totally sustainable way, using a rainwater pond for irrigation, solar panels and biomass heating.

A few months later, Aloe Vera grew with an exceptional quality and its juice could be delivered directly to every home.

Currently we are a team of 16 people, who with a lot of work and much more enthusiasm, produce Aloe Vera in all its forms, preserving and sharing its properties.​


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