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This adventure began in 2017, when we started consuming Aloe vera and testing its benefits. We are Icíar and Paco, both agricultural engineers with extensive experience in the agri-food sector. In our case we came to Aloe vera for digestive problems, but this miraculous plant provides benefits for countless ailments, in addition to strengthening the immune system, thanks to the enormous amount of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes and polysaccharides.

It became one more food supplement in our daily life, making our own juices and making it known in our environment. The response was so positive that we decided to go further, creating La Vendita with a clear objective: To bring the benefits of Aloe Vera to every home.

We plant Aloe Vera in an ecological way and being very respectful with the environment and the available resources. Sustainability is a priority for our company, to achieve this we use a pond that collects rainwater to irrigate the plantation, biomass heating (olive pits) from the surrounding olive mills and solar panels to generate electricity. A few months later the Aloe Vera was growing with an exceptional quality.

After 4 years, when the plantation reached its optimum maturity, we decided to go a step further and build a modern industry, with the best available techniques, which would allow us to produce a totally natural food supplement, with procedures that do not alter the properties of Aloe Vera and always in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way.

We are currently a team of 16 people, mainly women, who with hard work and much more enthusiasm, produce Aloe Vera in all its forms, preserving and sharing its properties.


La Vendita is synonymous with purity, nutrient concentration and health.

Our Organic Aloe Vera Leaves are produced in Extremadura, in the fertile Vegas del Guadiana, where they grow up to 75 cm high and weigh up to 0.8 kg per leaf, obtaining a large amount of pulp of the highest quality.

In the last report made to our Organic Aloe Vera Juice was analyzed the content of acemannan, a polysaccharide with immunostimulant, antiviral and gastrointestinal properties, the result was 793.8mg/kg, 15 times above the minimum content that should have a common Aloe Vera leaf.

From these freshly harvested aloe vera leaves we elaborate our raw material. The location of the factory on the same farm where the crop is grown allows us to conserve all the active ingredients of the plant and considerably reduce the carbon footprint of our final products. For the processing of aloe vera, we have developed an innovative system thanks to which none of the plant’s functionally active substances are lost. By controlling the entire process, from field cultivation to packaging of the final product, we can guarantee its purity and quality.

The result is an Aloe Vera unique in the world for its high nutrient content, its size and its origin based on quality and sustainability.

La Vendita’s Aloe vera is produced in Extremadura and has the Organic Agriculture seal of the European Union, the Organic Product seal (CAAE), the Alimentos de Extremadura and Organics certification. In addition, our crops are endorsed by Global Gap, a Good Agricultural Practices denomination.


Rainwater pond

We collect the rainwater that falls on the greenhouses, channel it and accumulate it in a pond. With it we water our Aloe vera. This is how we achieve efficiency and resource savings!

Solar Panels

We create our own energy with photovoltaic panels located on the industrial roof. We use the energy of the sun, which is so abundant in Extremadura, in our commitment to sustainability.

Biomass heating

In periods of low temperatures, we can protect our plants with biomass heating installed in greenhouses. As fuel we use olive pits from local olive mills. Thanks to this, we take advantage of organic waste and give it a second use, favoring the circular economy.

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